My name is Serena Jones, and I’m an author, publisher, editor, and former military reenactor. My research interests revolve chiefly around the English Civil War, and early- to mid-17th century English print culture, particularly the Civil War “newsbooks”.

Recently my biography of Colonel George Lisle was published by Helion & Company.

As well as writing books, I proof and edit other people’s (to hire me for a project, drop me an email).

I also republish 17th century source material as Tyger’s Head Books, and I’m transcribing the Royalist newsbook Mercurius Aulicus and putting it online.

Images: unless credited otherwise, all modern photos on this blog (including the main blog header image) have been taken by me, and are my sole copyright. If you would like to include one for your own work, please ask first and credit me for it. A link back to this blog would also be much appreciated, thank you.